At The Master’s Finish, we deal with the dust!  We are careful to prepare doorways and ductworks so that our dust is confined.  After 20 years in the trade, we have learned a secret or two about getting the mud on right so the sanding is minimal!

We do our best to work with you to protect furniture and other valuable property from effects of dust and debris.  You won’t have to fear a “sandstorm” in your home if we are your contractor.

Your home, large or small, is your castle.  We understand respect for one’s home and belongings.  We will do our utmost to protect your things from dust and the hardships of the construction process as we craft your walls and ceilings.

Safety and security are core principles here.  There will never be strangers in your home teaching your valuables to “walk.” The Owner is on the job and personally does most jobs start to finish.  We have been so trusted over these 11+ years in business that a majority of our customers present us with keys and codes to come and go as we need.

Our quality is the best in the business. We care about our work.  We know how to achieve the best results possible and won’t cut corners to get there.  Don’t trust your job to the local “handyman.”  When you hire us, the work is done right –  the first time.

You will never have a problem communicating as we only speak English here.

There is no “middleman” here.  The owner will come by to see your needs and present you with a fair price for quality workmanship.  Our prices are competitive at the beginning, but you won’t have to spend time or money later fixing the mess the “cheap” contractor left you with. Remember, you are not just hiring a contractor; you are making an investment in your home.  Make it beautiful, not regrettable.

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